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I manage a variety of social media accounts for my own personal use, for collaborative work with others, and for my work at the university. I’ve listed these below according to platform, with a brief description of each. My activity levels vary from platform to platform; I am most active on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

In July 2016, I began working as the Social Media Coordinator for the Faculty of Humanities, Brock University. This was a brand new position and has been an exciting opportunity to share my enthusiasm for humanities communication. Our goals with these accounts are to share the diversity of experience within our faculty, to show what it is we do as academics within the faculty, and to demonstrate the relevance of humanities in the world today.

Social Media Portfolio


  • @InnesAlison Twitter is currently my favourite social media channel, and has been for a while. It’s a great opportunity to make friends from around the globe and build an interesting and diverse academic network.
    • @darrinsunstrum and I established the #1P95 and #1P97 hashtags during the 2015-2016 academic year. We live-tweeted lectures for two of the largest first year classes in the Classics department, CLAS1P95 (Myths of the Greek Gods) and CLAS1P97 (Heroes). Our goal was to provide an additional way for students to engage with the course material and us as their Teaching Assistants (TAs). We provided additional relevant material during the lecture that supplemented the material being discussed and showed the connection that our mythology has with our modern world. The hashtag feed was also made available to students on the school LMS software so students without Twitter accounts also had easy access. The global nature of Twitter also meant that our tweets were picked up by people around the world and lead to interesting conversations which helped raise the profile of the course, the department, and the university.
    •  I also initiated the hashtags #2P61 (for CLAS2P61 Ancient Women) and #2P34 (for CLAS2P34 Cities and Sanctuaries of the Ancient World) during the 2015-2016 academic year, although these lectures were not regularly live tweeted. The #2P34 hashtag in particular proved quite useful for showing students the relevance of their studies, as our discussion of ancient sites such as Nimrod coincided with the sites’ destruction.
  • @BrockHumanities The official Twitter account of Brock’s Faculty of Humanities is used to share news about the faculty, its departments, programs, and people, and the university. I also frequently share humanities related news and articles that discuss various aspects of the study of humanities.


  • Alison Innes— my personal blog. You are here!
  • MythTake Show notes, source passages, translation information, and other news and information relating to the podcast can all be found here.
  • Foreword The official blog of the Faculty of Humanities, Brock University. Its purpose is to showcase the diversity of experiences within the faculty. I recruit students to share their experiences, edit their writing as necessary, and schedule posts on a weekly basis.



  • Pages

    • Hibou is my personal creative outlet. I use this page to share my creative adventures, particularly for those things that will wind up in my Etsy store.
    • MythTake is an academic podcast created and produced by Darrin Sunstrum and myself.
    • RSCDS St. Catharines— I created and managed this page on a volunteer basis for the local RSCDS branch 2014-2015.
    • Brock Humanities The official Facebook page for the Faculty of Humanities, Brock University.
  • Groups

    • Humanities Podcasters  This group serves as a discussion forum for podcasters who identify with the #HumanitiesPodcasts community. This is an informal network with the purpose of supporting each other in podcasting. New humanities podcasters always welcome!





You can find my personal Flickr stream at InnesAlison.


In 2016, Darrin Sunstrum and I began a podcast we call MythTake. Each episode we take a fresh look at an ancient myth from Greece or Rome. The podcast is hosted on PodBean and available through iTunes and Google Play. There is also a dedicated blog ( and Facebook page.


I don’t make many videos, but if I do, I share them through my personal YouTube channel here.